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#2 Preparing Yourself For Sleep


How you prepare yourself to go to bed at night has an impact on how easily you fall asleep, how deeply you remain asleep, and how rejuvenated you feel when you wake up. The modern western culture shows very little regard to sleep in general, as if it was a waste of time. You can't make any money sleeping, and where time is money, the fewer hours you sleep the better. And aren't you just sleeping your life away anyway? Isn't there so much interesting stuff out here to see and do, that sleep is just for the lazy.

In this modern era where Science is the new God, thank God science is starting to tell us, we aren't lazy if we like to sleep, we actually may be more intelligent. It doesn't matter if you are a night owl or an early bird. You still need good quality sleep.

So let's see how we can make the most of these 7,8 or 9 hours of bliss.
Prepare for sleep like your life depended on it. Because it does.

1. Begin to darken your home one-hour before bedtime. Turn off as many lights as possible. If you must be on the computer turn the screen light to low. 
2. At least a half hour before bed, no Netflix or computer work.
3. Take a hot shower or bath with the lights down low or better yet in the dark or by candle light. This is not to get clean so much as to wash off the thought forms and stress of the day. Wash off all the connections from other people, so you go to bed alone as much as possible, without any residual stuff from the day. (It helps to get your head wet as well as the rest of your body, because so much stress is held in the scalp.) 
4. Brush your teeth and rinse with fluoride free salt and water.
5. Use moisturizers if you are in a dry climate. This is not just for your skin, but the time it takes creates an environment of nurturance and self -love that begins to emanate from your pores as the action right before bed. (Compare this to watching an action movie or drama that has you so riled up, your cortisol levels are so high that the last thing you are thinking of is sleep.)

Then you get even more stressed out because you have to get up early in the morning and it is getting later and later and your body is not wanting to go to sleep. SO, you reach for some kind of sleeping sedative. And here starts an endless cycle of hell. And dependency on sleeping pills.

You don't need sleeping pills, you need common sense and some self-love and self-respect. You are the most important thing in your life. Not your kids, not your work, not saving the world. YOU should be your priority. Put your own oxygen mask on, before helping others.

The time you spend attending to yourself, is the short cut, to be able to attend to others.

For a full out inspiration on Sleep, because I know you aren't going to read anymore here, get one of my favorite books, "Lights Out" by TS Wiley. You will be more than ready to go to bed after reading her great book.

As those of you who know me, you know I love to sleep. I can't wait to get to bed. See you there. Lights Out! And of course put your phone in another room or put it on airplane mode so the electro-magnetic waves do not disturb your own brain wave activity.

And Sweet Dreams,
Love you, Momba Amba

PS: Do NOT go to sleep with the TV or Computer on. This is the absolutely worst thing you can do. When you are sleeping your subconscious is wide awake. The messages from your TV or computer go directly into your subconscious. So if you are unconsciously listening to a Drama or brainwashing commercials, know that this crap is going directly to the core of your being and will unconsciously impact your waking day and life. If silence is disturbing to you, so that's why you leave the TV on, turn on some white noise, fan, air conditioner or BrainWave Youtubes.
Sleep Is God. Enjoy!

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