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#3 Bring Real Candles and Real Flowers back into your Lifestyle.


Oh! Those electric candles and plastic flowers! How I dislike them. I know I am supposed to learn to accept things as they are, but I refuse to like those little battery candles, and those dust collecting plastic flowers.

Let me tell you why:

1. More trash for our landfills and oceans. Remember where they end up when they no longer work, which is only after a few months, if that long. Real wax candles disappear, no trash, no toxic waste. Plastic flowers we also just throw away when they get too dirty.
2. A real candle brings the element of Fire into your living space. If it is daylight and your room is filled with sunlight, no need for a candle. The big, huge candle in the sky is lighting up and warming your environment. However, at night time or in a room that is not getting direct sunlight a real candle can bring a vibration into the space that an electric candle will never bring.

Balancing the 5 Elements in your environment

When the elements are in balance in your environment, you are more easily brought into balance yourself. Yes, your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are connected to your environment. So if the elements in your environment are balanced the elements in your body are supported to align as well.

Have you ever wondered why we often ask people on the phone or email, "How's the weather?" Unconsciously we know our connection to the 5 elements. When the weather outside is beautiful, it is beautiful because the elements are in balance. (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether). When one of these elements is raising hell, then we don't say, "It's beautiful outside." We say it's storming outside, or freezing outside, or roasting. Of course we have all heard of depression caused by lack of sunlight. Did it really take a study by the Association of Psychiatrists to finally believe we aren't crazy when we aren't as happy when the day is cloudy? Anyway, that takes me a little off topic. Back to candles and flowers…

Candles balance the fire element. Flowers balance the Ether element. Fire is purification. Candle light purifies its surrounding areas. One small candle can purify a very large room. It can magnetize the air space around it, which supports a sense of well being much like sitting next to a waterfall, or walking along the seashore. An electric candle can't do that.
The warm light calms your central nervous system when you gaze at it or just feel it from the periphery.

Flowers do much the same thing, but through a different sense organ. Flowers, whether they have a scent or not, resonate at a very high vibration and calm our psyche just by having them around. So take the time to go pick some wild flowers. Take scissors. The plants do not appreciate being torn apart for your sense of well-being.

Oh, one more thing about candles, either use the simple unscented kind, made from natural wax or make sure your expensive, aromatherapy candle is not using petroleum. If you ever find yourself getting nauseous when you walk into a room where those fancy aromatherapy candles are burning, it's because they are actually giving off toxic waste. Get out of the room right away.

Thanks for visiting with me. Share your experiences here with candles and flowers. Do you find them enjoyable? Do you take the time to love yourself, by putting flowers around or lighting a candle? How do you nurture yourself? I can always use more ideas. I never get tired of nurturing myself.

Much love, amba

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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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